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From the manufacturing department to the shipping department, counting scales are extremely versatile. Counting scales save you time, whether you are packing components or running a printing press, you save time and waste.


Utilizing today's high resolution electronics, counting scales provide precise and accurate piece counts. Operation couldn't be simpler! Just place a small sample on the platter of the scale (typically 10 pieces), then key in the number and press "sample", thats it! You can now add as many pieces as required and know that the scale is showing a true and accurate count.


If you need portability, that is not a problem either. Many counting scales come with an optional battery pack that providespower for 100 hours or more of continuous operation, making them perfect for inventory applications.

Do you require barcodes? No problem, many counting scales provide outputs to many popular bar code printers, or can be easily interfaced with a computer to generate barcode labels and tickets! Perhaps you need to count large quantities of pieces, or the pieces are very large and bulky. Utilizing "dual channel" counting scales, we can easily interface the counting scale to an external floor scale providing you even greater counting flexibility!

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